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Rev 7:17
Raising A Gender-Confident
Dates & Time : 15 Sep 2017, Friday (7.30pm - 9.30pm)
16 Sep 2017, Saturday (9.00am - 4.00pm)
Venue   : Kum Yan Methodist Church (location map)
1 Queen Street, Singapore 188534
Speaker: : Dr Melvin W Wong          

A timely seminar to provide practical information on gender identity issues affecting today¡¯s believers, including children and teenagers. This is a great opportunity for the Body of Christ in Singapore to hear and learn from Dr Melvin Wong, an eminently-qualified professional with a calling and passion, and vast experience in helping those struggling with their sexual orientations. This seminar is designed to educate Churches and Christians. Parents, teachers, educators, social workers, counsellors, pastors of children and youth ministries will find it particularly beneficial.


Is sexuality and gender orientation inborn or learned? How will our actions affect our children¡¯s and youth¡®s perception of what it means to be masculine or feminine? How do we respond with wisdom when we encounter gender-confused individuals, including children? These are crucial questions bombarding many Christians in today¡¯s increasingly gender-confused world in which our young people are growing up. There are just so many myths about gender issues and uncertainties about the best ways to raise gender-confident children and youth. We need sure and definite answers to help ourselves and our young ones. Come and find out from Dr Wong about how early childhood parenting can affect a child¡¯s gender identity and orientation. Discover the psychological birth of the human infant, gender identity imprinting and development, disorder and gender identify formation stages. Understand the critical periods when your sons and daughters will develop gender security and identify themselves with their birth gender. Learn ways and bring back practical steps to help the young people in our midst develop gender confidence.

Key Topics

The critical roles that fathers and mothers play in their children¡¯s development
through their unique influences and contributions.

How key parenting concepts and factors can impact a child¡¯s gender identity growth.

Practical steps that both fathers and mothers can take at various developmental
stages of their child¡¯s growth to reinforce gender identity confidence and a sense of
gender security.

Establishing healthy father-child/ mother-child relationships that are nurturing,
mentoring, and supportive at various stages of the child¡¯s development.

Affirming gender-confidence in the Body of Christ.

About the Speaker

  Dr Melvin W Wong, author of ¡®Raising Gender Confident Kids¡¯, is a California-licensed clinical pyschologist practising in San Francisco and Fremount, California, USA. He is affiliated with the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), and California Association of Psychology Providers (CAPP).

Bilingual, biliterate and bicultural in English and Chinese, Dr Wong was the former Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at a local medical school and attending psychologist at a public psychiatric hospital serving African-American patients. He has taught at several theological seminaries, and has planted a church. Presently, he helps to lead a Chinese congregation in
  California. He has spoken extensively in North America and Asia in church and community settings. He is married with an adult daughter who is a licensed therapist in California.


Fees :

  Early Bird Fee : $80 (Register by 30 Jun 2017)
  Regular Fee : $95 (Register by 9 Aug 2017)
  Late Fee : $120 (Register after 9 Aug to 14 Sep 2017)
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*All fees include a copy of Dr Melvin Wong¡¯s book ¡®Raising Gender-Confident Kids¡¯,
one tea break and a packed lunch set.

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